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S-307 ... How To Quilt As You Go
Bobbie Bergquist

Saturday February, 11th - 9:00 to 12:0 - $35.00 CLASS FULL

Are you unable or unwilling to crawl on the floor, bend over a table or a bed just to baste your quilt? Do you have trouble finding a table large enough for your quilt; and when you, do is the table too low? Do your quilt tops shift and are some of your blocks not quite the correct size? Have you ever wished for an easy way to make those large quilts? Would you like a flat, square and even quilt? If so, this workshop is for you! Students will learn how to prepare quilt blocks and to assemble them using this "Quilt As You Go" method. You can continue to make large quilts and still experience joy without pain. You can quilt each block and assemble them after quilting. This method will permit you to see all your seams as you sew. No guess work here. It is fun, easy and saves time. It's a perfect way to create large quilted projects easily! This workshop is fun for all, beginner, intermediate or advanced. You will also learn how to make perfect mitered corners for your binding. All levels

Materials List:

... Sewing machine in good working order
... extra needles
... walking foot (optional)
... Extension cord
... sharp fabric scissors
... #2 pencils or marking chalk
... matching thread for project
... ruler
... pins and usual sewing kit

Kits will be available for $ 20.00 each. Students without a machine can hand piece but may not be able to finish project in class. It is suggested that the quilting portion of this project be kept simple so that more time can be spent on the assembling process. Supplies that will be available at class: Kits $20.00, Taylor’s Chalk, white @ $ 1.50, Minute Miter $ 4.00. Sewing Machine Required

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