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Quilt Entry Information

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There are 7 judged categories: Bed, Group, Wall, Art/Innovative, Miniature, Other and Youth. Any quilter may enter only one quilt per category. If more than one is entered in any category, only one may be judged. The others will be exhibited but not judged. All entries must have been finished in 2003, 2004 or 2005 and must be in excellent condition—clean and odor free. Quilts not meeting this requirement will not be accepted for judging or display. Any quilt having both hand and machine quilting will be judged in a machine quilted category. No kits or tied quilts.

All entries must have a 4" (10 cm) sleeve casing. If the width of the quilt exceeds 120" there must be a slit in the middle of the casing so that an extra support hook can be attached. A label, secured on the back, listing the name, address, and telephone number of the entrant is required. DO NOT use paper labels. A temporary fabric cover must be basted over every place where the quilter's name/location is displayed.

All judged categories will be eligible for first, second, and third Place ribbons. Only quilts that receive judged ribbon awards will be eligible for the overall cash prizes. A maximum of twenty (20) honorable mention ribbons will be awarded at the judge's discretion. The judge is not required to award all ribbons. Any quilt may be moved to a category other than that originally entered if the organizing committee or the judge feels the new category is more appropriate. An overall viewer's choice ribbon will also be presented. An overall judge's choice award may be presented.

$500.00 Best in Show
$250.00 Second Place
$100.00 Third Place

1. BED SIZE QUILTS - Quilt intended for use on a bed. Width 60" or more; length 80" or more.

1-1. Any technique. May be hand or machine quilted. Made by one person.

1-2. Any technique. May be hand or machine quilted. Made by two persons.

2. GROUP QUILT - Any quilt that three or more people work on in the construction or finishing in any way.

3. WALL SIZE QUILTS - Quilt intended for display on a wall.

3-1. SMALL Length + width must be no more than 120". Any piecing and/or appliqué technique may be used in construction. May be hand or machine quilted.

3-2. LARGE Length + width must exceed 120" but not exceed 640". Width must not exceed 120". Any piecing and/or appliqué technique may be used in construction. May be hand or machine quilted.

4. ART/INNOVATIVE - Quilts reflecting substantial deviation from traditional patterns and sets. Emphasis is on color, line and design. May be entrant's own design or original interpretation.

4-1. SMALL - Length + width must be no more than 120". Hand or machine quilted.

4-2. LARGE - Length + width must exceed 120" but not exceed 640". Width must not exceed 120". Hand or machine quilted.

5. MINIATURE Pieced, appliquéd, or any combination of techniques constructed and quilted by one person. If blocks are used they should be no larger than 4" square. Quilts must measure less than 24" on each side. This category not determined by size alone; quilt must be a small version of a full sized quilt or wall hanging.

6. OTHER - Quilts constructed in a different technique or quilts constructed entirely by hand. Examples: Grandmother's Flower garden, Cathedral Window, Crazy Quilts and Whole Cloth Quilts. The entry does not necessarily have to be quilted.

7. YOUTH QUILTS Age requirement 16 and under. The quilt must be made entirely by the child; any technique may be used. No fee is required. All entries will receive a 'Ribbon of Participation.' Youth quilt category is a non-judged category and not eligible for cash prizes.

Ship the entry in a secure carton; placing the item in a cotton sack and then a plastic bag. A separate bag must be used for each quilt. Do not use styrofoam or cellulose "peanuts". Put name, address and phone number on each bag. Cost of return shipping and insurance in return transit will be the responsibility of Gulf Coast Quilt Expo. Original carton will be used to return the item via United Parcel Service or other designated carrier. Please remove all old shipping labels from the carton prior to shipping.

Ship to:

Gulf Coast Quilt Expo (GCQE)
2522 Pretty Bayou Island Drive
Panama City, Florida 32405

Shipped quilts must be received by February 1, 2006 and must be available for display at the Gulf Coast Quilt Expo, February 9, 10, & 11, 2006 at the Boardwalk Beach Resort, Panama City Beach, Florida. If a quilt is to be personally picked up from the Expo facility, the Gulf Coast Quilt Expo must be notified in writing prior to February 1, 2006. Checking the block on the entry form will be considered notification.

If the quilt is to be shipped to an address other than the one listed on this form, the Gulf Coast Quilt Expo must be notified in writing of the change prior to February 1, 2006. All foreign entries will be returned to their point of origin.

Prize winners will be notified within ten (10 ) business days. Viewers' Choice Award will be presented on Saturday afternoon, February 11, 2006.

Filing of your signed application form signifies agreement with the above conditions.

Printable Entry Application Form for 2006
One form per entry—may be reproduced.

A. To Enter - send COMPLETED ENTRY BLANK with a non-refundable ENTRY/RETURN FEE. The first 200 applicants received will be accepted in the competition. Current members of the SABQG delivering and picking up quilts are not subject to entry fees. These quilts must be delivered to 2522 Pretty Bayou Island Drive, Panama City, Florida on February 4, 2006. Shipped/mailed quilts will be accepted any time after official notification and prior to February 1, 2006
B. Quilt Return - Quilts will be returned via GCQE designated carrier only and shipped within 48 hours of close of the Expo. Cost of the shipping will be covered by entry fee. Management reserves the right to delay the return shipment of winning entries for up to ten (10) business days for the purposes of professional photography. There will be no exceptions to this rule.

DECEMBER 30, 2005
Entry form and entry/return fee for each item entered must be postmarked no later than December 30, 2005

• From United States $15.00
• From Canada or Mexico $20.00 US
• From any other country $35.00 US

All foreign payment must be International Postal Money Order made out in US dollars.

JANUARY 4, 2006
Notification of accepted quilts, and instructions for quilt shipment will be sent to entrants.

FEBRUARY 1, 2006 Entries accepted must be available at GCQE designated delivery location for judging and exhibition.

CLICK HERE for Printable Entry Application Form

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